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Livemocha gives you access to free lessons for 35 languages, but also offers a vibrant community of native language speakers from 190 countries you can connect with to practice your speech. 4. Babbel.A lot of my friends who had been learning a new language seem to set that as their language learning goal is to be able to communicate with a native Italian speaker fluently, or a native Spanish speaker fluently.

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Free Language brings together the best in language education from across the world.Livemocha, for one, pairs far-flung learners on its forums and encourages users to trade languages.

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Its online community of teachers, language experts, other language.To get a language partner, you have to help someone else learn your native language.

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Language learning software makes it much easier for users to learn a new language by providing a learning structure that fosters continuous learning and development.The data showed that only a small part did not use the language skill feature. 4.1% means only one respondent and 12.5% means 3 respondents.This week was my first week embarking on the journey to learn Svenska (the Swedish word for the Swedish language).

Designed with the help of leading language publishers Pearson and Harper Collins, the new Active Courses provide a set of online self-study courses that match or exceed the educational caliber of traditional textbook curriculum while integrating online community instruction to ensure the level of fluency that only practice with native speakers.

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Launched on September 24 th, 2007, Livemocha was created to aide in arising language barriers caused by globalization, travel, and immigration.Livemocha is a language learning community combining online instructional content with a global community of language learners.The methology of the courses are simple yet effective and you learn foreign languages in most natural way and also get help from native people by joining live community of LiveMocha.

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Livemocha is the biggest online language learning community on the Internet.

Livemocha, Inc. operates an online language learning community for business, public sector, and non-profit organizations.You can set up a profile that lists your display name, gender, year of birth, country of residence and reason for learning a language.Duolingo is the best way to learn to read, listen, write and speak English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish or Turkish.Livemocha functions as a sort of social network, allowing you to connect with other users.

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Livemocha is absolutely excellent for putting you in touch with native speakers and having them correct your written and spoken submissions, but its teaching method leaves a lot to be desired, and they still have some kinks to work out of the system.LiveMocha offers online language courses in over 35 languages.A basic four course curriculum in over 30 languages is offered for free, teaching the learner basic vocabulary and sentence structure.

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Rosetta Stone is dedicated to changing the way the world learns.

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Livemocha was an online language learning community, providing instructional materials in 38 languages and a platform for speakers to interact with and help each other learn new languages.LiveMocha is a social language-learning website that offers basic training in many different languages, as well as an active language exchange community.Finally, language-learners have the opportunity to give back to the community by helping others learn their native language, helping them with exercises or personally tutoring them.

The first of its kind, Livemocha is a Web 2.0 program focusing on a solution to learning new languages.Visitors to the 28 branches of the Seattle Public Library will now have the ability to pick up some new language skills, thanks to a partnership between the library and Seattle startup Livemocha.

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With 8.5 million members from over 200 countries, LiveMocha is the largest online language learning community.World-Class Content Combined With Social Networking Promises Conversational English.

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