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In a balloon-frame construction the studs (vertical timbers) continue all tte way through the stories (floors).Started around the 1830s and steadily gaining in popularity through the end of the 19th.The Balloon Frame Prairie settlers were economical in their use of lumber.We design and create unique helium-filled balloon bouquets, balloon decor, and custom imprinted balloons, marketing balloons, birthday balloon bouquets, gift balloons for all occasions in Jacksonville, Florida.Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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In conventional framing the studs are long enough to create one story.HISTORIC BALLOON FRAMING (George Washington Snow, Chicago, 1832) (Type V Construction) WESTERN PLATFORM FRAMING (Type V Construction) WOOD POST AND BEAM (Type IV Construction) WOOD ROOF TRUSS (Type III or V Construction) STEEL FRAME.In balloon framing, the studs (vertical members) extend the full height of the building (usually two stories) from foundation plate to rafter plate, as contrasted with platform framing, in which each floor is framed separately.

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The roof is a truss structure that consists of horizontal ceiling joists and sloping rafters.Balloon frame construction is a type of construction where a continous stud is used for framing from the ground level, to the roof.Heavy construction such as highway work, paving, bridge building, or even the construction of high rises more and more take place at night to avoid heavy traffic and congestion, to work safer and more efficient, to fulfill deadlines, or to simply finish before bad weather sets in.

Whether it is about road works, nuclear facilities maintenance or even a dam construction, Airstar provides a lighting solution that enables to work efficiently in a safe environment.The joists (floor beams) rest on smaller lenghts of timber between the studs.

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With the floor system finished and the subfloor (and finished ceiling) installed it is time to make this thing look like a house, or at least look like the house that it is.Adding Joist Hangers To Old Joists is a good preventative measure to beef up the structure of your home.Balloon framing spread around the country quickly and built many of the triple-decker multi-family housing.


Balloon framing was the most common form of construction in America from about the 1880s to the 1930s.Braced Frame A braced frame (Figure 6-1, 3) is much more rigid than a balloon frame.In the case of the Balloon-Powered Car, the action is the air rushing from the straw and pushing against the air behind the car.View this item and discover similar architectural models for sale at - This wonderful three story Scale model of a home illustrates the balloon frame construction style.Balloon construction and its more modern variant, platform construction, involve nailing together precut dimensional lumber such as 2x4s to form the walls of low-rise buildings.Modern interest in the balloon frame dates from 1941 when Siegfried Giedion identified the inventor of this important technological innovation in wooden construction as George Snow of Chicago.

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Two basic methods are used for framing a house: platform and balloon-frame construction.Balloon framing is often used in industrial and retail applications where a parapet is needed.

Light frames of wood are constructed around studs that run continuously from top to bottom of a building.Balloon-frame style construction is one of the two most common styles of traditional wood-frame construction, with platform frame construction being the next most common.Supporting floor joists with joist hangers: This house was built in 1863.Platform construction is much more common than balloon framing, though balloon framing was employed in many two-story houses before 1930.Unless you were a skilled housewright most people were unable to cut the complex joinery required for a timber frame house.

Balloon framing is an interesting concept and you must explore it more as it distributes the amount of load to every section of your home instead of just one.

NON-STANDARD FRAMING When evaluating an existing building for possible retrofit, it is important to identify non-standard framing.In the 1800s people started looking for a way to build houses faster and more inexpensively.Air forms may be full or partial spheres, ellipsoids, cylinders, and varied mix-or-match combinations of these shapes.

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The great majority of them chose to build balloon-frame houses.

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